Programme of Talks

Talks are usually on the first Friday of each month at 8pm (doors open from 7.30)


March 1st:  AGM and 'bring and buy'

February 9th: Social evening as the AGM scheduled for Feb 2nd clashed 

with Candlemass at the venue

January 5th: 'Car Diagnostics and Tuning Overview' by Ross Sissons


December 1st: Christmas Social

November 3rd: "Aerial Matching Units", by Bob G3OOU

October 6th: "Why Transformers Fail" by Paul M6OPY

September 1st: "Small Fibreglass Mouldings" by Jim M0JFL

August 4th: Summer Social

July 7th: Operational Evening

June 2nd: "The ICQPodcast Digital Voice Project", by Martin Butler M1MRB

May 5th: "WSPR" by Damien 2E0EUI 

March 31st: "HF Aerials by Bob G3OOU" - ("April's" talk avoiding the May bank holiday) -

March 3rd: "What is QRP" by Damien 2E0EUI 

February 3rd: AGM followed by a 'bring and buy' sale with all proceeds going to the club

January 6th: "Why We Test Electricity Network Equipment" - Mr Paul Dyer (UK Power Networks)

Physical Lectures Resumed Again from March 2022

December 2nd   Christmas Social

November 4th   Introduction to Stars - Nick Stapley

October 7th   BJL Transistors by Alan G8NKM

September 2nd   Digital TV by Justin (G8YTZ)

August 5th   "Bring a Thing" -  attendees to bring an unusual object of interest

July 1st   Repeaters by Damien (2E0EUI)

June 3rd   Not held as coincided with Platinum Jubilee

May 6th    Fault Finding by Martin Butler

April 1st   Informal meeting due to injury to our Chairman

March 4th   The JWST by Nick Stapley and Filters by Bob G3OOU

Zoom Lectures Resumed in 2022 - Covid

February 4th AGM

January 7th  A Compact Aerial and ATU for Top Band, by Bob G3OOU

Physical Lectures resumed on October 1st 2021

December 3rd Cancelled - Winter/Christmas Social - Cancelled

November 5th Faraday and Maxwell by Chris Walker (also by Zoom as well as a physical meeting)

October 1st Electric Motors by Jim Lugsden

2020 Zoom Talks

The Club resumed talks in October 2020 using the Zoom video conferencing software

3rd Sept 2021 Club Social

6th August 2021 Club Social

2nd July 2021 Club Social

4th June 2021 Club Social

7th May 2021 Beekeeping  by Bernard Newham

9th April 2021 Club Social

5th March 2021 Dead Bug Construction - Bob G3OOU

5th February 2021 AGM

8th January 2021 Fundamental Particles by Nick Stapley

4th December 2020 PCB Manufacture by Alan G8NKM

6th November 2020 Autumn Social

2nd October 2020 Introduction to Valve Technology - Bob G3OOU

Past Events 2020

3rd Jan Video Evening

7th Feb Annual General Meeting

6th Mar Metalwork - Jim Lugsden M0JFL

The following talks were cancelled due to Covid lockdown:

3rd Apr DMR Hotspots - Damien Nolan

1st May S Parameters, Smith Charts and a Cheap Vector Network Analyser

5th Jun TBD

3rd Jul Short Talks

7th Aug Summer Social

Past Events 2019

6th December Xmas Social

1st November The Gliwice Radio Tower Incident by Phil Tate M1GWZ

4th October Emergency Service Communication by Steve Shorey G3ZPS

6th September How to Specify a Power Transformer by Paul Dyer

2nd August Summer Social

5th July Admiralty Signalling by Jim Lugsden M0JFL

7th June  On Air HF Noise Reduction Systems by John G8MNY

3rd May CW Evening and Pixie Test and Maintenance

5th Apr Construction Evening - Pixie QRP Transceiver

1st March Fundamentals of Amateur Digital Radio, David How G0PAR

1st February AGM

4th January Video Evening

Past Events 2018:

7th December Winter Social

2nd November Network Radio - Martin Butler M1MRB

5th October Introduction to Electronics: Power Supplies - Bob G3OOU

7th Sept 2018 Practical Session - Building a Compact VHF Aerial

3rd Aug 2018 Summer Social

6th July 2018 Compact HF/VHF Aerials - Bob G3OOU  and Damien 2E0EUI

1st June 2018 Whisper (WSPR) Evening - Damien 2E0EUI

4th May 2018 How Not to Win National Field Day by Quin G3WRR

6th April 2018 The British Vintage Wireless and Television Muse2nd March 2018

2nd March 2018 Cancelled due to snow/bad weather

2nd February 2018 AGM

5th January 2018 Video Evening

Past Events 2017

December 2017 Christmas Social

November 2017 Millimetric Microwaves by Chris G0FDZ

October 2017 Digital Signal Processing Without Maths by Alan G0TLK

September 2017 Antenna Modelling by Quin Collier

August 2017 Summer Social

July 2017 GPS by Nick Stapley

June 2017 Sub-Sea Telegraph Cables - RJ Buchanan

May 2017 Product Design Part 1 - led by Bob Burns

April 2017 Frequency Counter Design - Alan G8NKM

March 2017 Spectrum Utilisation Efficiency - Ian Clark

February 2017 AGM

January 2017 Digital Mode Radio - Damien 2E0EUI